Translator System

The Translator application presented here is meant to be used in venues where people come together to listen to speakers, while not speaking the language of the speaker. This is a common occurrence in, for example, churches where foreigners attend the services. As not many of these venues have interpreters available to translate on the fly, and also lack the technical infrastructure to be able to service the listeners, this application was born out of necessity. The Translator system uses a local WiFi point in conjunction with Google Translate® to translate that what is being said to readable text in the language of the foreigners. The translated text is served on a local web server that can be reached by the listeners on their personal communication equipment like mobile telephones, tablets and PC’s. In order for this to be possible, a listener that understands the speaker will have to type in the narrative into the Translator application. The application then concurrently interrogates Google Translate for up to six languages, and publishes the results on a local website.

The system needs a functioning webserver to be present, like Apache or Caddy. (Note: Download links below / For Linux use your package manager to install Apache/httpd). The system also needs a working Google translate subscription and the associated personal connection string. The Translator package in the download section is a source code set. Translator was written in Lazarus/FPC (Free Pascal) and will compile for both Linux and Windows.

Download links

Translator 0.09 source zip file
Translator 0.09 quick start manual [pdf]
ApacheHaus Apache webserver downloads (for Windows)
Caddy webserver downloads (for Windows)